MonMondayFebFebruary11th2013 Bible Statistics - The Words Edition
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If you're busy, don't bother reading all this tl;dr; junk and skip right to the more interesting bits . UPDATE 2/19/2013 - I made a few mistakes in the original version of this article. I had missed a few of the Psalms, so the total number count and... More
ThuThursdayDecDecember20th2012 New Years' Resolutions
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This year I made a handful of resolutions. I made mine in February. I have a few guidelines I follow when I make mine: Make sure they are realistic. Nothing defeats more than setting goals you know you won't reach. Make sure they are something you... More
ThuThursdayAprApril26th2012 Software for the New Business
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If you're starting a new business, you will need some software for yourself and your staff to use. Frankly, I'm a bootstrapper at heart, so most of these are either free or "freemium" and should scale to your budget and needs. Software, Services and... More
TueTuesdayAprApril24th2012 How Do I Organize My Evernote?
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To go along with my previous few posts on productivity . I thought I would give a glimpse into exactly what I'm doing. To recap, I read and tried implement Getting Things Done . My tools: Outlook Calendar and Evernote. Then I read about The Secret... More
MonMondayAprApril16th2012 Scott Hanselman on Productivity
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I respect Scott and how much he gets done. As you can tell from my blog, I'm on a little bit of a productivity kick these days and Scott was nice enough to share his thoughts in this 43 minute presentation . "43 minutes?!? I don't have time for... More
FriFridayNovNovember11th2011 Blade Runner
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